Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trash to Treasure time

I will admit something pretty wrong. lol When I drive down my alley, and people leave something cool out to be picked up for the trash-- I take it. But, only if it looks clean and cool.
And, by clean, I mean, not-smelly or food stuff. Furniture mostly. Stuff like end tables, ect. Well, this summer, I came across two train cases. I slowed down.. then thought-- those could be cool for something. Let me think about it... so I took em. hahah
This is what has become of one of them. I think I might give this to my tween-age cousin with some crafty stuff in it. She will love that! But, how do I get the 1970s smell out of that thing. I put some Sensi brick in there-- just to see if that will help for a bit.
The case was originally a really not so cute avocado color. So, this is a definate improvement. The color now is a really sweet aqua, kind of hard to see in pic.
Anybody that might ever read my blog on occasion have a suggestion???

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