Monday, February 15, 2010

Something cool this way comes....

Today I received my order from January's stamp club. I'm super amped about the new clear mounted stamps! As a matter of fact, I am so amped about it, I'm gonna show you how these work.

One of the benefits of purchasing clear mount stamp is the size! These baby's take no more room than a DVD! (if you have ever been in my craft room, you would know that with over 100 stamp sets, I just don't have the room.) This is going to make storage SO much better!

This is the clear block (purchased from a local craft store). I already had them on hand, but Stampin' Up carries a great selection too.
This is what the stamp looks like. pretty cute, right?!
The stamp will adhere to the acrylic block much like cling film to windows. SUPER easy! no fuss, no muss!
Just ink up, like you would any wood mounted stamp. (this block is a little big for this stamp, but you get the idea.)
Another great benefit of clear mounting is that you can see exactly where you are stamping, making it super easy to get the correct placement, making your projects look perfect everytime!
Check out this end result! PERFECT!
Let me just say: Thank you Stampin' Up! for catching on to this great trend in stamping, but keeping that great quality rubber that makes their stamps superior! They even dropped the cost for these sets a little bit.
Let me know what YOU think! Comments welcome...unless you are going to correct my grammar or spelling. hahaha

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  1. That will make things so much easier for Sharhonda and myself. We are so challenged in that area after all. Awesome. I made Aiden's Teacher Valentines by hand this year. I used your little valentine cards to help with the size. Turned out cute.