Monday, March 1, 2010

Sew..... am thinking about making another blog for the sewing stuff...

but really.. do I neeeeeeeed another blog to keep up with? ugh.
For now-- posting here:
Today-- I successfully made a cute fulle. Now, if I could only do this on a longer scale.
Until then... My experimental handbag begins with a handle. hahah Probably the last thing I should do on the bag-- but hey-- when have I ever done something normal and in the right order?
April told me something the other day that I thought about and thought about... She said-- you like structure at work-- ya-- I do. "But in every other Aspect you don't. Sometimes you just have to follow the instructions." So-- my question is WHY??? I know -- as she reads this she thinks to herself-- "she is always so rebellious."
I never thought of myself as a rebel.. just creative. So-- in effort to be creative and anti-establishment.. I started on a purse that has no rules.... of course-- this is mainly because I don't know what the heck I am doing-- or what the rules of sewing really are!
Without further ado-- here is the handle of the non-existant purse. Working on the purse design. Hope you like it... Threw in a little ribbon I use for scrapbooking.. aaaah-- all of these "craft investments" are paying off!!

Colors are a really pretty celery green and -- my signature argyle! :) I think that's going to have to be a part of my Boojie Bags collection. Oh ya, that's gonna be my brand name (Boojie Bags). What do you think?

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