Monday, October 31, 2011

Trash to Treasure CONTEST! (wiiiith a prize!!)

Inspiration can come from anywhere, even at your local Starbucks!!

A few weeks ago, I was hanging out in Southlake TownSquare with my boyfriend. We decided to have an after dinner tea at our fav Starbucks. Since I have been dieting, I decided to pick up their latest nutrition guide. I browsed through it and put it on my desk so that I could really go over it later.

Today, cleaning off all the unwanted things from my desk, I ran across this guide. It had a really cool pattern on it.... and the inspiration came! I've decided to use that as a background paper for cards! Think about it: Who doesn't like FREE paper!? So, I'm cutting it down, tossing the excess and using it to make a few cards. The great thing about card making is that the paper doesn't have to be acid free! We aren't putting pics on them, so there is no reason to use photosafe items! My challenge to my readers (as few as their may be) is to put your FREE resources to use! TRASH TO TREASURE Baby!

Send me pics of your creations and I will post em on the blog! Come on ladies, YOU CAN DO IT!! Let's see those crafty creations!! Send your submissions to:

Just to up the ante a little bit... I'm going to give a PRIZE to my favorite submission. So send as many as you want. I'll pick my favorite on November 21st!

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