Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do ray me fah seeeew la tee ....doooh, I give up.

My oh my how sewing gives me a headache. Since I was a kid I tried my hand at sewing and have been relatively unsuccessful. There was even a crying fit to my mom to get her to sew my home-ec project in high school. It wasn't pretty, but she helped. She did make me do some of it, but the reality is, she totally finished it. haha. I love her for that! But before highschool, I wanted to make doll clothes. A fashion victim from the start, yep, that was me!

When I was a kid, I loved playing with my Barbies. The problem was, my dad hated them, so I was banned from buying any more due to, what he considered, and over purchase of my allowance money. I spent $30.00 on a Jordash barbie. She was a cheerleader Barbie, pom poms, skirt, sweater, and this weird little leaver on her back that made her arms go up and down.

Since I wasn't allowed to purchase another Barbie, I didn't get any more Barbie clothes or accessories. That led me to raid an old clothes stash and make my own barbie clothes. At the time, Unit clothing was quite popular. It was the 80's, what can I say? So, I made lots of dresses and tied stashes of ribbon or strips of material around the waiste of my doll.

Fast forward to today: It's a lazy Sunday. I have collected stashes of fabric from here and there, all with the grand plans of making something someday. Did I mention that I really can't sew?? Ya-- let me mention it again.

I have been working on my neice's Birthday and Christmas present for a few weeks. She is a (almost) 4 yr old who adores Justin Beiber and barbie. Equally. So, to be a great aunt, and to be loved by her neice, I set out to make Barbie (but not Justin) outfits. I even went so far as to purchase a few patterns. (*I was overly ambitious and bought some patterns, since they were on sale, for myself- my own tops and pants- HAH-- I think that will be disasterous-- but we shall see!)

My adventures today consisted of sewing skirts-- without patterns. I have kind of come up with my own idea that involves gathering of fabric-- which I am NO good at. I keep trying, hoping to get it right. so-- this is what I have come up with. I have added a little ribbon ties to cute it up a bit!

Ssssshhhhh... Don't tell my lil Gracie. I want her to be suprised next week. Her twin bro isn't getting doll clothes. He is just getting transformers-- boys are easier like that. lol Not as many acessories.

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