Thursday, October 1, 2009

Latest Project: Stencils are my friend

So, last weekend, I purchased some wooden TV trays at a garage sale for 7.. count em.. 7 bucks! woo wooooo. I use these things all the time. I know-- I'm such a Couch potato sometimes!
So-- here are some pictures of what i did to these little guys to class em up a bit!
I painted them black, added a little gold painted stencil and there you have it!
To be honest, I'm still not quite finished with them, I still need to do the bottoms of the legs. and spray three of them with the poly. that I purchased... also... you cant really see in the finished product pics- but i dry brushed some of the gold paint on the edges too... i like the way it looks!! :)

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  1. Dude - those look AWESOME! Great job, my thrifty sista! -April