Sunday, November 1, 2009

Coming Soon...Dollar Store Crafting!

I just love the Dollar Tree. It makes crafting FUN!
I stopped in today, and found some ultra awesome stuff! Can you say SHOPPING BLISS!!

So, my deals of the day:
  • 3 super cute frames -- my plan is to paint them silver or gold.. heck maybe even glitter them all over, and use them to display holiday words. Boo, Joy, ect.. you get the idea.

  • IPOD Nano covers.. ooooh the possibilities. If you are like me, you never leave home without the IPOD. Well, the Dollar Tree beside my house is selling clear IPOD nano Cases. I bought two clear ones and a cute pink case that will clip to my jeans if I'm out working in the yard or walking or something. I am going to trace the window and the menu circle and cut those out... leaving the rest of the IPOD. I'm then going to cut out my favorite scrapbooking patterned paper and make some IPOD Wall Paper. HOW CUTE IS THAT??? **Ya-- I won't take credit for it. I saw this on someone eles's blog, so this isn't a Melli Original. But-- when I am finished -- I will have the cutest IPOD in town.. hehe!

  • Last but not least... They had some greeeat little Christmas mugs there. I didnt get them yet-- because they were still setting up the display when I walked in, but these little white coffee mugs with red snowflakes would make the cuuuutest gifts. Just add your favorite Hot Chocolate recipe and stamp a cutesy tag and you are off!! a gift for less than $2.00! In this economy, who can't afford to slim down the price tags a little bit!

My other deals for today: faaaaaabric! I went to Joanne's, they had fabric remnants half off-- then half off again! I got the sweeeetest White suede for just a couple of bucks. I plan on making a couple of stockings with them. How sweeeeet would that be???? Loooove it! I think I am going to have to go back and buy some feux fur for the tops.. hmmm.. I'm just coming up with ideas as we speak. lol-- reminds me of that song: apple bottom jeeeeans boots with the fuuur... Melli: stockings with the furrrrr, the whole club is lookin at herrrr.

Now-- lets just hope I can sew! hahaha... it's a new venture for me. I'm hopeful. And-- If only my friends new sewing club will commence! hahaha

Happy Crafting!!


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