Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 1: 364 days to go, cost: ZIP!

So-- The point of this blog is to USE WHATCHU GOT! Make something crafty and creative everyday out of things around your house, things you have already purchased, ect... I like it.

Todays project: On-going work on a scrapbook that I am making for my friend Kelly's new baby. She doesn't have much time, and I lknow that she loves crafty creative things, and well-- this is my new neice practically.

Pretty simple-- but cute, right? Hey-- I didn't say these crafts were going to be over-elaborate. I just said that it was going to be a craft.

On a funnier note-- I had a craft FAIL when trying to come up with something really good for my first craft. FAIL FAIL FAIL. Shrinky Dink-- not my friend. I have tried everything to come up with something cool.
Here is my FAIL:

I drew some cool zebrah print design with colored sharpies. I punched a whole in them thinking that they might make some really super cool necklaces. Ya-- not so much. I couldnt make these things look cool if I wanted to. I may have to call on my friend Joette who is an awesome jewelry maker to see if she can come up with some cool use for these puppies.
There were a few pretty big CRAFT FAILs using this stuff yesterday. I was convinced something cool would happen. Never did. I will continue on my search. I am sure something cool will happen eventually.

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  1. I love this year project you are doing. I just watched the julia movie and loved Meryl Streep in it. Good luck and have fun!!